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Product Description

With this option, you can now change your single output on a P-0 or P-21 filtration unit to a dual output. Additionally, you can now select which output is “ON”, and it has its own unique pressure relief valve for that outlet. This now allows you to have two different fill hose assemblies, each with their own independent pressure relief setting.

Example, line “A” could be set for filling Scuba to 3000 PSI, with a relief valve set to 3200 PSI. Line “B” could be set up for DIN or SCBA usage at 4500 PSI and be protected with its own separate relief valve. You merely select which output you want to make active.

This switchover device works on all our standard JR, JR II, and OCEANUS compressors with the P-0 or P-21 filtration units.

With the switchover device you will still use your original fill whip for one outlet position and will be required to order the second fill whip assembly for your second application. Please see our options available for filling whips.


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

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