P0 or P21 Triplex Filtration System

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BAUER TRIPLEX filter system (Known as P0 in the USA and P21 in Europe) is a unique filtration process for smaller compressors. It is standard on BAUER models JUNIOR and OCEANUS as well as many CAPITANO and MARINER models. This single tower incorporates many important functions. First it incorporates the final stage separator to remove moisture before the air enters the filtration cartridge. Secondly, the filter cartridge then process the air to grade “E” breathing air with use of the 059183 cartridge.

Additionally this filter system also includes a final stage relief valve and a priority (back pressure) valve on the discharge.

This filtration system is sized to process 3200 CF of air between cartridge changes at 68 degrees. It is an ideal size system for compressors that are 5 or less horsepower. With this purchase, we will supply the standard 8MM compression fitting for the intlet to the filter, and a 1/4 BSPP to 1/4 Female NPT outlet adapter. Other options are available sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: The default pressure relief setting for this filtration system is set to vent at 330 BAR (4900 PSI). If you would like us to set this to a different value please click here.

How TRIPLEX and SUPER-TRIPLEX Air Processing Systems Work

1. Untreated compressed air from the compressor’s after cooling enters at the bottom of the TRIPLEX / SUPER-TRIPLEX filter housing.

2. The compressed air enters inside the filter housing in a manner that creates a centrifugal action that removes the residual air and oil particles. The resulting condensate collects at the bottom of the filter housing. The condensate must be drained manually at regular intervals.

3. The compressed air, having had the condensed water and oil particles effectively separated from the compressed air, enters into the air processing cartridge where it passes through a micro-filter to remove even the tiniest of solid contaminates from the compressed air.

4. A special drying agent removes water caper from the compressed air.

5. Activated carbon removes oil vapor from the compressed air. Some cartridges also include a catalyst that converts carbon monoxide to breathable levels of carbon dioxide. Cartridges with catalyst must be used on engine driven units.

6. A pressure maintaining valve is built into the bottom of the assembly to create a back pressure to improve the efficiency of the separator and cartridge, ensuring that effective air treatment beings immediately with the starting of the compressor. Clean, dry air exits the assembly via the outlet port and is ready for use to fill storage tanks or marker tanks.

7. A safety valve protects the assembly from over pressure. The safety valve is factory set at 330BAR (4900 PSI).

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 in

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