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Our P-Hyper Filtration System is designed to clean up or further purify air that is already “Grade E” and make it compatible to blend with O2. This appliance is dependent on the incoming air being of at least Grade E from the compressor’s purification system or storage.

This filtration system is specifically designed to ultra purify the air and remove the final amounts of hydrocarbons from the incoming air. This appliance is uniquely manufactured with a single tall purification tower that utilizes a special “dual flow” cartridge that in effect offers twice the length of filter contact to the gas flow. This design adds greatly to the dwell time and to the resulting cleaning effect. After the air passes the filtration tower it goes through a micron particulate down to 2 microns. The appliance includes a back pressure valve, check valve, pressure gauge and a wall mount base.

The appliance is designed to be used only when air of this purity is specifically needed for blending. It should not be used full time at the end of a standard filtration system. This allows the Hyper Filter to be in prime condition when called for. It is suggested that this system be fed from an isolation valve from your storage.

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