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The MFD-44R1 is our most popular remote bank control assembly. With this assembly a user can have a four bank cascade control at the filling site. The four gauges indicate the storage pressure of each bank. The line valves directly underneath the gauges will allow flow from that bank into the manifold, and to the regulator where it can be adjusted to any desired filling pressure. The regulated air pressure is noted on the gauge to the right of the regulator. The compressor inlet should be fed to the left end of the manifold, thus allowing the compressor to either refill the banks (one or all) or feed directly to what is being filled. The inlet connections shown in these photographs are JIC male and suitable for feeding with flex hose. This connection could easily be changed to pipe or compression fittings to suit the application.

In the photo below we show another arrangement MFD-44R2 which is the same as the one above but with the addition of a two port manifold after the regulator. This could also be changed to a four port manifold as well. There are endless possibilities with this arrangement and as such pricing is available after we can determine what your needs are.


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