Bauer SMART Package #3

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Product Description

This package is ideal for many small dive shops or fire departments. By combining many of our most popular items together we have increased the savings.

Compressor– The new BAUER DMT08-E1 is built for continuous duty at pressures of up to 5000 PSI. This compressor is equipped with an oil pump and oil filtration for extraordinary durability and longevity. A solid workhorse, this package is powered by a 7 1/2 HP, single phase; 230V electric motor. This package includes an enclosed electric box that houses the magnetic starter, start/stop push buttons, and an hourmeter. The pressure switch is wired for auto shut-off at final pressure and designed to restart with a push of a button. This compressor is also wired to shutdown in the event of high temperature or low oil pressure.

Auto-Drain System– We have included the optional Auto Drain System which will allow the compressor to operate unattended. With the Auto Drain System, the condensate traps, will drain automatically every 15 minutes and shutdown.

Filtration– This package comes with the BAUER P-31 filtration system for extended run times between cartridge changes. One of the largest and most advanced filtration systems in a compressor of this size.

Frame– The DMT08-E1 frame is now a single piece heavy gauge platform built for rugged operation. The electric motor is mounted on an adjustable base for easy belt tensioning. This unit may be floor mounted or put on a sturdy elevated platform for convenience.

Storage– This package comes with four (4) UN/ISO-4500 storage cylinders complete with wall mount track and cylinder clamps. We provide an 8 foot hose for connecting the compressor to the storage system. All pigtails and inter-connecting hardware is also included.

Regulated Output– This package includes an adjustable regulator REG-5000 with two (2) gauges, one for storage pressure and one to show the regulated pressure 0-4500 PSI.

You may wish to add some of our popular options to this package such as a manifold distribution. Contact us for more information.

Please note: This offer is not available in all areas. Due to shipping and freight considerations, do not use the online ordering system for this product. Please contact our office for assistance.



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