Bauer Capitano C-G



Product Description

Product Description– We currently have some government military surplus compressors that we have acquired. These are new and unused; however, they have been in boxes for almost 20 years (we have had them for about 2 years). We are selling these units AS IS, meaning that we do not wish to enhance, change, or support. But rather sell these just the way they are for someone else to utilize how they see fit. We will ensure that both the compressor and the gas engine rotate freely, however we will not remove from the crate and test run the system. These units do show some sign of age, mostly cosmetic in nature. These units were utilized by the U.S. Army for refilling SCUBA diving cylinders. These units could be used as is or changed to electric drive (we show an example in red in the photos above). On a personal note, we would like to state that the current filtration system on these units is woefully small for extended runtimes. We strongly recommend considering upgrading the purification system to something larger such as P-0 Triplex. We are selling these compressor units at a very attractive price so that customers can make further enhancements if they wish.

Compressor– Bauer Model CAPITANO-G 3 Stage, 5000 PSI Service, 5 CFM output, manual drains, and pressurized oil lubrication. Will be supplied with a parts manual.

Engine– Wisconsin-Robin Gasoline Model: EY 27W 8HP. With manual rope start. By default, the design of this configuration allows for an external fuel tank. These external fuel tanks are included in the crates and can hold larger amounts of gasoline for extended run times. Users could customize the fuel feed in many different ways.

Purification System– As stated earlier the default purification system supplied with these units is very small in size by today’s standards. While it may have been acceptable in the late 80’s and early 90’s for military diving applications, if falls short by today’s standards. Additionally, this purification system #055070 includes the final separator, relief valve and back pressure valve as part of the purification process. The relief valve on these systems is currently set to relief at 3200 PSI but could be adjusted to suit the needs of the user to different pressures. Replacement cartridges for this filtration system are becoming increasingly hard to find, thus another reason to consider upgrading if used for breathing air applications. The #055070 purification system that is on these units utilizes Bauer Filter #04852 for breathing air and Bauer Filter #069144 for drying only. Both cartridges are becoming difficult to source due to advanced improvements. Output outlet is -4 JIC male.

Notes– No fill hoses are included in these units. As these are NOS (New Old Stock) military surplus units, we will not provide any warranty, other than to state that the units turn freely.

Please do not use the online ordering system for this product. These units will ship by Motor freight only. Please contact our office for assistance.

Additional Information

Weight 345 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 40 in