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The Bauer B-Timer is a self activating mini-computer for monitoring the useful life of the filter cartridge, as well as recording run times and maintenance.

The B-Timer simply clamps onto the outside of either a P0 (P21) Triplex housing or a P31 Super Triplex housing. There are no wires or fittings to worry about, only a screwdriver is required for easy installation.

Upon starting the compressor, the highly sensitive sensor automatically records the running times as well as the filter temperature, thus being able to calculate very accurately the remaining filter cartridge life. A simple bar graph displays the remaining percentage of useful cartridge life. The B-Timer also has additional separate auto timers for recording total run times and maintenance times, as well as battery life. The robust housing resists sand, salt, sea water, humidity and harsh UV rays. A great option for most portable Bauer units.

Please note: The B-Timer can be programmed by any user with included instructions. If you would like us to preset the B-Timer specifically to your model, please indicate to us the compressor and filtration size you have.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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