Keep your new Bauer Compressor operating at its very best. By performing the schedules maintenance as outlined in your manual.
To make this task easier, Bauer Compressors offers maintenance kits consisting of Genuine Bauer Spare Parts, grouped to perform the specific scheduled maintenance. These cost efficient kits have a lower cost than purchasing the items individually.
These maintenance kits are “Block Specific” meaning that each kit is designed for a specific compressor block model.
The kits are offered as a 500 hour, 1000 hour, or 2000 hour maintenance kit based on your service needs.


  • Reduce breakdowns and compressor idle times
  • Proactive approach to inventory management
  • Genuine Bauer spares with proven quality
  • Cost efficient
  • Extended equipment lifetime

NOTE: In some cases, specialized tools may be required to perform this service and are NOT included in the maintenance kits. See Items List for included components.