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Our new deluxe style SCUBA Yoke Bleeder, is not only the best built yoke on the market, it now comes with an extra side port. This port can be used for multiple purposes, examples are, side entry of hose instead of at the end, a port for a pressure gauge, or a relief valve to name just a few examples.
Both the side port and the end port are 1/4″ NPT Female. The yoke will be shipped with the side port plugged (as shown in photo). If you prefer to have your hose come in from the side, you could reposition the plug for closing the other port.

The new OVERSIZED bleed screw is now 1 inch in diameter. This makes the task of turning the bleed screw much easier. The bleed screw is not only larger but also stands up taller for easier use. All chrome plated brass construction. 1/4 NPT female inlet at the end and at the side.

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

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