Breathing Air Regulator


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This industrial style regulator is designed to be directly connected to a high pressure storage cylinder of either CGA-346 or CGA-347 (2200-5500 PSI) with the included hand tight connector. The regulator is designed to reduce storage pressure to a more commonly used 0-300 PSI usage. This regulator was specifically designed to provide regulated breathing air for respirators, hoods, masks, and other low pressure applications. This regulator comes complete with a CGA-347 nut and nipple inlet connection suitable for mounting on most DOT cylinders that are 2200 to 5500 PSI. It is also supplied with 2 gauges, one to indicate the storage cylinder pressure (0-6000 PSI) and the other one to indicate the regulated pressure (0-400 PSI). The regulator is also equipped with a safety relief valve set for 500 PSI to prevent over pressurization. This regulator has a high flow capacity and can accommodate up to 4 users.

Outlet is 1/4″ Female NPT and is located 180 degrees opposite the inlet hand tight.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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