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Product Description

These compressors set the standard for larger capacity air requirements. All models are available in electric motor drive above 20 HP. Capacities range from 27.5 to 145.0 SCFM charging rate with discharge pressures up to 6000 PSIG.



  • BAUER Breathing Air Purification System
  • Electric Motor
  • Magnetic Motor Starter with Overload Protection and Manual Reset
  • Gauge Panel
  • Compressor High Temperature Shutdown and Panel Mounted Fault Light
  • Panel Mounted Power-On Light
  • Automatic Condensate Drain System with Reservoir
  • Belt Guard Designed to Meet OSHA Specifications
  • UL Listed Electrical Assembly


  • CO Monitor
  • High-Low Fill Assembly
  • Dual Pressure Switch
  • SECURUS Electronic Moisture Monitoring System
  • Purification System Upgrades
  • Other Optional Features Available on Request


Please note: This offer is not available in all areas. Due to shipping and freight considerations, do not use the online ordering system for this product. Please contact our office for assistance.


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