Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz

Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz
Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz
Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz
Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz
Bauer Junior II E3 50 Hertz
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The world's most popular selling portable compressor. The Bauer JUNIOR II line of compressors are considered the most advanced in engineering and durability. This personal sized compressor is ideal for filling any number of individual SCUBA or SCBA cylinders. The top choice of serious sportsmen and professionals seeking portability and durability.

For our international customers we have this special version, the JR II E3 50 Hertz International Version. The power supply is 230/400 Volt, three phase, 50 Hertz. This model is suitable in countries where the power supply is 50 hertz. This version CAN NOT be used in the United States or any other country where the power supply is 60 hertz.

This International Version comes with all the standard features found on our domestic version JRII-E3 and includes some great enhancements such as B-Timer, a filter maintenance timer, and a motor control switch on the power cord for on/off operation all installed as standard equipment on this version. The filling hose comes with a DIN style filling valve, 200 BAR, swiveling hose ends, and with on/off control with bleed valve.


  • 2.2 KW 220-240/380-420 Volt three phase motor, 50 Hertz
  • Motor control switch on power cord for on/off function
  • Inlet power cord
  • BAUER B-Timer
  • 110 Liters/min charging rate with a maximum 5000 PSI service
  • BAUER TRIPLEX purification system utilizing easy to replace cartridges
  • Inlet Air Filter
  • 4 ft. fill hose assembly with gauge, valve and 200 BAR DIN connector (300 BAR also available)
  • Relief valve is set for 220 BAR (other pressures available)
  • Belt guard designed to meet OSHA guidelines
  • 105 pounds net, 155 shipping

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is not available in all areas. Due to shipping and freight considerations, do not use the online ordering system for this product. Please contact our office for assistance.

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